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What I want to wear on Saturday.

Items in this set:
Isabel Marant Etoile One Shoulder Silk Dress - Women - Diverse
Signature tailored trouser, 110 GBP
Knotted leather sandals, $795
Loss sterling silver clutch, $1,925
Swarovski crystal rose ring, $495

I know that those prices are completely ridiculous, but look how pretty the items are! I wish I could sew well. I want sewing to be another extension of my body like painting and drawing is. (And to a degree, crocheting is too). But I would totally make that pink silk tunic/dress in a hearbeat. And I would make all of my pants actually fit me.

OK OK, i know that there are things called "Tailors" but...again, lack of money restricts visits to those :) Maybe soon :)

This is what I want to wear on Saturday at our birthday dinner at Kowloon :)



I'm turning 23 in 6 days. 23.Twenty Three. And in 11 days, my Joel is turning 31. Wow! That means we've been dating/married for over 5.5 years now! Crazy! Time flies when you're in love I guess. I know that some people are put off by our age difference, but others have just found it to be just as normal as any other marriage or relationship. I guess I never thought much about it earlier on because my parents are 9 years apart and they've only got a couple more to have been married for 30 years. Talk about awesome! I can't wait to be able to say that I've been with my husband Joel for 30 years. Such an honor!

Besides that. I'm turning 23 y'all! I have a fulltime real job. With benefits. And insurance. And taxes. And, waking up at 6am-ness. A whole new world for me.

So I've decided that birthdays are still okay as an adult and with that, I'm going to publish my extremely practical and frivolous birthday wish list. Here goes...

1. T.J. Maxx Gift Cards.
    a. This is so I can have monies to go toward the buying of All-Clad cookware. If one could lust after stainless steal pots and pans, then it would be over All-Clad. oh yeah.
2. These Shoes .

3. A new haircut.
4. My Own Kettle Bell
5. A food processor
6. A kitchenaid mixer
7. An oster blender
8. An artisan dessert made by my husband.
(I haven't started telling you guys about how he is so great at making desserts!)
9. Dinner at Kow-Loon
10. And also these shoes.

Life Changes...So What?

So I got a new banner! This will probably be the only time I announce something like this since it will happen very often. In the past when I would have blogs or profiles on websites, my profile picture and colors/themes would change with my mood. I expect that the banner on this blog will do the same.
In other news:I Deleted my facebook! Joel doesn't think I am going to survive without it longer than a couple of days. Well, if he is right, then I have a 14 day buffer between my account deactivation and the permanent baleetion of my page. My main concern is that my "The Moffin" fanpage will also die with my personal account. If this is the case, then I am going to have to start that one over from scratch. Uhg. Oh well?

Remember this?

Posted by johanna

1.Permanently delete my facebook account.

++This will be happening on March 23rd. I have set the date. I'm actually emotionally already prepared to do this, I'm just waiting on a couple of my facebook events that I'm hostessing to finish up (Erin's Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette & My church-wide yard sale.) That's a random mix for ya.

2.Cook & Eat healthier foods.
++I plan to take existing recipes that I love, and attempt to make them better for me.

3.Start one crochet project.
4.Finish Vicki's Painting :)
Well I can now check off Number 1!
I also have bought groceries to eat more healthy food!
I haven't really succeeded in cooking them in a heathly way though!
HOWEVER! I have had a banana for breakfast and fruit with my lunches.  

THINGS I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THIS MONTH:1. Erin's Bachelorette Party/Lingerie Shower
2. Made some wicked awesome cupcakes for said shower
3. Survived while my husband was in Lusaka, Zambia for 9 days.
4. Made a huge dent in my laundry mountain of doom
5. learned to 'let go and let God" Well, I'm still learning this, but it IS getting easier.
6. Started my new position at the job
7. Learned how to print the color backgrounds from MS Office programs at said Job.
8. Picked out a CUTE project to start crocheting on for my friend Hope's baby boy!
But I'm going to use the colors from THIS Fabric :)
I *luh* this fabric!



Summer DIY Plan

Among painting the apartment, re-waxing the floors, and outfitting the garage space to become a good art studio. I'm all about doing DIY projects. I've grown up in a DIY home where you tile the floors, lay your own wood flooring, re-paint the cabinets, and scrape the nasty texture off of the ceilings.
This is why I love gardening, and is possibly where my apreciation for art and love for making and creating things came from!

The first project I want to get to is dying our couch some lime green or orange color.
I'm pretty sure these are my two favorite colours. I'd really love to have it be a plum or fuschia color, but Joel will instantly poopoo those too girly colors :) So I can live with that. I can understand.

This is our couch

I want to dye it one of the orange or green color. If I go with green, I will probably try and mix in some of the golden yellow to give it a deep lime green look to it.

Project Tools
1. Wooden Dowell Rod (this is to stir and agitate the fabric, at least to help do things while i'm wearing the gloves too.
2. 2 large rubbermaid containers. Like these .
3. about 5 boxes of the appropriate fabric dye color
4. LOTS OF WATER you're supposed to have 3 gallons per lb of fabric. Heh. We'll see how this goes. I'll be boiling lots of water and immediately dumping it into the containers outside to keep the temp right. This is also why i'm gonna be doing this during the summer. It should help with keeping the water at the right temp since it should be in the high 90s. I may have to wait until late in July or August to achieve the goal though.
6. Scotch guard for overkill :)
*I wonder what it would be like if i used 2 different greens? I'm not against color. The more the better in my opinion.*



Trying to keep myself sane for the next 10 days.

My husband is officially at the airport and is about to fly away to Lusaka, Zambia which is in Africa. I know nothing about africa that isn't shown on the news reports about genocides, christian killings, etc.
According to my husband, Zambia is the Switzerland of it's region. I'm going to trust him in this and pray that he has a good time over there and that he comes back to me in one healthy piece.

In the meantime, I am going to keep myself so busy that I won't dwell too much on my lonliness.

Thursday night.
1. Go buy groceries
-powdered sugar
-frozen strawberries
-2 8oz containers of mascarpone cheese
-vanilla cake mix
-candied cherries
-laundry detergent
-paper towels

2.Clean kitchen
3.Clean bathroom
4. Put camera onto charge.

1. Pack
-Silver Heels
-Groceries for cupcakes
-Mom's cake carrier

2. Go straight to the Davis' to hang out with good friends
3. Go to mom's and make cupcakes

1. Fill cupcakes with strawberry mascarpone
2. Ice the cupcakes and top with cherries
3. Decorate house for Erin's shower
4. Get ready

1. Possibly go to Erin's sunday shower
2. Go back to Denton and start laundry

1. Continue with laundry
2. Prep paper for painting.

1. Laundry & Paint



1.Permanently delete my facebook account.
++This will be happening on March 23rd. I have set the date. I'm actually emotionally already prepared to do this, I'm just waiting on a couple of my facebook events that I'm hostessing to finish up (Erin's Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette & My church-wide yard sale.) That's a random mix for ya.

2.Cook & Eat healthier foods.
++I plan to take existing recipes that I love, and attempt to make them better for me.  

3.Start one crochet project.

4.Finish Vicki's Painting :)


-Bell peppers
-sandwhich bread
-1 package of mascarpone cheese
-frozen strawberries
-vanilla cake mix
-maraschino cherries
-2 limes
-stuff for breakfasts at work.



  • Clean apartment
  • Make tortillas or buy some good ones at Taco Cabana
  • If making tortillas, use new press
  • Vaccum / air out living room rug
  • Shake out bathroom and kitchen rugs
  • Heat up taco stuff in skillet
  • Buy laundry detergent. 2x loads of laundry.



Lately, I have been contemplating my love to make art.
I've been thinking that when it comes time to put it all onto paper or sewing or just thoughts; my inundation with media, social networking, & overloading myself on useless information, I find myself lost, and scrambled.
I am too connected.
So my plan is to start by deleting permanently the online accounts that just bring in the most time wasting materials i.e. Bejeweled Blitz.

Yesterday, I uninstalled Swag Bucks from my toolbar, and unsubscribed from their twitter and facebook feeds. After I finish this post I will be taking the swidget off of my blog. I'm not saying that Swag Bucks is bad in any way, or isn't worth someone else's time. But when I'm obsessing over finding a code to get 5 swagbucks 3 times a day instead of drawing, or painting, or crafting and actually getting better at my art. I am wasting valuable time from my life.
---So what did I do with my newly regained Swagbucks time? I went to Michael's and bought the supplies for my friend's wedding invitations and completely finished all of them. I wrapped each bundle of cards with linen paper belts and then tied each 'belt' with a lime green string satin ribbon. I finished a project!

Websites that I need to ween off of.
4. It's pretty good I guess that I can't think of anything else at the moment.


This morning I was thinking about what I used to hate when I was a kid, but I love now, or vice versa.

Hated as a kid but love now:
1. Grapefruit Juice. Oh boy do I love it now.
2. Gardening; pulling weeds, etc.
3. Waking up early/going to bed early.
4. Pickled anything. YUMMMM

Loved as a kid but hate now:1. Spinning things. *Barf*
2. Running til I was in stitches. - I love my couch.
3. Candy of all kinds - I'm pretty much a Peach Rings / Jolly Rancher / Chocolate girl now.
4. Getting wet. I hate being out in the rain, with my hair dripping into my face. Uhg. I'm not that much into swimming anymore either as I am into being next to or near water.

C'est La Vie!