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Minotaurs Vs. Centaurs.

A friend just asked me if I could be either a Minotaur or a Centaur, which would I choose and why?

My Answer:

Minotaur ( Is this sad that I didn't even take a second to think about it? ) Because they are way scarier and stronger ; centaurs are pansies.

What's your take?

Image: DiceMonkey


May Update

Joel and I are moving into a house-apartment in the next few weeks and I've been making a mental checklist for my expectations I have for the two of us (and our new puppy) for when we live there.

1. If it doesn't fit, donate it/throw it away
2. If it is always dirty (on the floor, stacked on the table, on the floor like a college student's mess...) find a way to organize it. If you can't organize it and store it away properly, get rid of it.
3. Clutter-free. Simple = better life.

Okay. That's my mini post on my life at the moment.

Jack has learned in the last week how to sit, lay down, roll over, and fetch (new as of 3 hours ago!)
He has made a lifetime friend in our friend's long haired dachshund Anabelle and i will post pictures soon of their romps through the backyard. It's adorable and super cute!

-I completed Vicki's Painting and have given it to her, and it was a huge success! She loved it!
-Now i'm working on a crocheted baby blanket for my friend Hope's new baby boy.
I'm using a Bernat pattern as the main guide, and then i'm going to do my own edging, and probably tweak the pattern a bit, maybe add a few granny squares. Who knows?
-Lastly, I have a potential illustration job for a band based out of Austin. More on that later :)


Meet Jack

Bauer. Jack Baur (McDaniel).
I'm so excited, my sweet-sweet husband has gotten me the best present ever for our 1st anniversary!
He has gotten me this sweet little muffin of a beagle. Isn't he the cutest thing?
Jack comes into DFW airport all the way from Missouri to live with us.
*le sigh* I'm going to love those little nugget legs and kiss those little paws.

So folks, i've been sick with the crud this last week which is why I didn't post sooner. And then before that, it was the busiest time of the school year for Printing Services here at the University, so, that is why I didn't post then either. I was too tired once I got home to do anything other than have my feet propped up on my pillow in bed and sleepily read the intarwebs.

Weekend before last Joel and took our weekend down to Huffman, Texas where we burned things (dead trees) went to the dog races, and spent some really good time with our families and their babies (!) My sweet little neice Jillien was finally sitting up on her own and she was toothing her first tooth complete with wrist rolls and cankles! *heart*


Joel's nephew David was just the smiliest baby the entire weekend, nothing can upset him or make him look un-cute! 
That's all for now :)