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  1. Ikea run! I need several things for the new aparment that we don't have a need for at our current apartment. like: Extension Cords, Paper Lanterns, Space fans (ideally those vertical ones) and I need two of those.
  2. Paper towels for cleaning the apartment, i almost went through one entire roll last night.
  3. gardening gloves, because shockingly, i don't have any
  4. change all of our addresses from sycamore to oak (Denton loves it's tree-streets)
  5. buy socks (my never ending phenomena of disappearing socks strikes again)
  6. Get Jack a larger Crate
  7. Buy enough paint to paint the entire apartment (1 neutral for entire place and about 4 colors to offset)


rachael said...

one ikea trip would probably get most of that

Heather said...

so....I think some of your socks are at my house from when you did laundry. ;)

johanna said...

I will totally take them home with me next time i come over. Thanks for being such a great sock-foster parent for the time being :p. JOEY!

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