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Changes. again.

I seriously need to slow my roll.
I also need to charge my camera.
and it looks like we wont be going to Houston at the end of this month/may 1st-2nd.
(not getting to see my jillybean, or baby dave=sad moffin.)

Well, in other news, i'm ready for the church-wide garage sale.
It will be mid-May and i've already got tons-o-stuff for it :)


Photoshop Drawing #2


Technologically Regressing

So I deleted my Facebook page.
And guess what? My pro's list is WAY longer than my con's list now. Oh man is it awesome!

+More time to cook dinner
+More time to sleep. I've been sleeping so well after not having to process all of my day's information from facebook. Why should I have someone's friend's cousin's new boyfriend or girlfriend status update keep me from falling asleep? Who cares?
+Go to bed earlier to wake up earlier (It's just me and the birds on my walks to work in the morning! I love it!)
+Less dependence on knowing everything all the time about everyone. Yes I know I could "hide" their feeds or whatever, but I didn't want that. I just wanted to know key important things only. I didn't wall all or nothing. But since those were my only options...I chose nothing. I chose to know nothing about everyone.
+My friends and family still call me and email me so I'm not really out of the loop. I'm just starting an old habit of keeping in touch with people when I need to tell them things or when I need to hear things from them. It's call love, not convenience.

Cons+I don't get the weekly updates on my niece Jillien. I don't get to see all the photos that my cousin Kristen posts of her every week. But i do have the option of asking my mom to email them to me. And if I really need my Jillien fix, I can just drive to Houston to see her. Nothin's stopping me from doing this :)
+I can't think of anything else.

Well deleting my facebook page has kind of snowballed my mentality to other technological means.
I've been reading BOOKS more often. I've been painting and drawing more often (because I actually want to) I've been doing laundry, and washing the dishes. Today, I'm going to vaccum and dust! I'm kind of excited about it.
I haven't used my cellphone in over 2 months now.
Well, this isn't because I deleted my facebook. But it is sort of related in a way.
My phone was/is really old and the battery was next to dead. It started slowly at first. I was noticing how each time I'd call someone, if I talked longer than 5 minutes it would beep telling me my battery was going to die. Well, I'm not known for being responsible about charging my cellphone so I just figured I'd go home and charge it.
Next thing I knew, I would take it off the charger in the morning on my way to work, and then call my mom on my way home from work. It beeped 3 minutes into our conversation, and would turn off while I was in mid-sentence about 40 seconds after that. Well my solution was, get a new phone (buy a new one) or recycle an old phone of my friend's or my families that they weren't using anymore, and have my phone service Flash the new phone to use their service and keep my same number, etc.

Well, I never got around to doing either of those things. I mean, life happens right? I just started sharing Joel's cellphone, and he didn't seem to mind. So then 2 days ago we discussed cancelling my cellphone altogether and switching to one cellphone between the two of us and a landline.

Who uses land lines anymore in their homes? It's kind of silly really and quite inconvenient if you're used to getting ahold of anyone at anytime. But really, do I NEED that? Do WE need that? No we don't. Whoever is out with the car will have the cellphone. Easy as that. I'm sure this will be a little hard to adjust to when circumstances arrive, but we will make due just as we've made due with having only one car.

It also helps to have friends and family who are willing to let us hitch a ride, borrow their cellphone, etc.
I'm sure when Joel and I grow up and become adults, we'll both have cellphones again, cancel the land line, and each have our own car when our life demands it. But right now, we simply don't.



Monthly To Do

1. Clean. As in, nooks and crannies and all the tight spaces. Clean clean clean. It's spring! It's appropriate!
2. Start up kettle bells again. I was going really well with this for a couple of weeks, and then I completely lost my drive when my husband when to Africa for 11 days.
3. Continue to walk home from work during my lunch break. This is an extra 30 minutes outside everday, it cuts my work day in half, and i tend to have 30 minutes to work on the apartment/laundry/sit with joel, etc.
4. Paint something for me. I have two pieces that I've done for myself since January and I love them. I haven't done art for just ME in a really long time. I'm pruning off what i've learned in art school and trying to gain some new growth. Find me again in my talents.
5. Take pictures of all the art i've done so far included tiny sketches, doodles, and cookin'....
My Birthday.
-I got a nice bounty :)
-Joel and I went to Kowloon with our friends and families and had an epic feast of dumplings, roasted duck, sweat and sour pork, shrimp lo mein, chrisanthemum tea with rock sugar, beef and broccoli, shrimp spring rolls, and the list goes on. You can image that eating dinner served family style with about 30 people can get to be quite epic.
-I got some cute white tennis shoes from Talbots when Joel took me to Southlake square to go shopping for my birthday.
-We also bought The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book which is just as awesome as the family cook book, but its completely dedicated to desserts and baking. YUM.
-Then with my birthday money, I bought a 12" AllClad skillet and a large Calphalon stainless stock pot.
-In addition to these things, I got a Barnes&Noble giftcard which I bought myself 2 awesome books.

1. I read through Michael Pollan's book Food Rules in about 3 hours during my lunch breaks. I definitely would reccommend this to anyone who is trying to diet and exercise in the most healthy way possible. (eating healthy, and exercising often) Then I went back through and read it with a highlighter and pen in my hand to make notes and write on the pages to help it fit my lifestyle a bit better. I don't subscribe to everything in his book, but it is just good common sense for the rest of it. I'm a huge fan of common sense.

2. The Urban Homestead is the 2nd book that I took on and I haven't even gotten halfway through it yet because it is chock full of helpful tips and tricks to growing your own food in your own space. I think the next section is how to raise livestock in your backyard. As strange as this may seem to us in the modern era of the United States. This used to be quite common all the way up until the 50's when something changed. (post war i guess? who knows?) Again, this book is just wonderful with it's common sense anecdotes on how to get plants to grow without fancy equipment and tons of land (or money!) Kelly Coyne and Eric Knutzen are really good authors. They also have a blog here.

That's all I've got to say for now about my birthday and these books.


Photoshop Drawing Day 1



Chinese For My Birthday

I didn't feel like I cared about my birthday at all this year. However, once it hit me that it was my birthday, I was kind of bummed. My husband was really ill on Wednesday and couldn't pamper me at all like he normally would have. He is, however taking me out to town tonight which is going to be fun. We're going to Brio in South Lake, Texas. We'll probably walk around the shops and stores. I get to have my birthday date tonight which I'm really excited about.

Were really trying to move into a house at the end of June. Since we live in Denton, rental houses are a dime a dozen. We have tons of old vintage houses here in Denton that I'm drooling at to get my hands on them and fix them up! All the houses around the area in Denton that we live are so cute and just need a bit of TLC.

So we're going to Kowloon Chinese Restaurant tomorrow night for our combined birthday dinner. I know all I've written about my last few posts are my birthday, but each year I get older, the more i feel validated for my opinions, beliefs, and general life choices. Stupid, but that's how i feel. I'm growing up!