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It's taken me several years to recover fully from friendship blunders of my past. I know I still have a ton of apprehension when meeting new people and when Joel and I start to get to know them. I know that I also now have hope that is kindled, even amidst all of my apprehension. Short way of putting it is that I am learning to overcome my trust issues and trust people once again.

I have really great family. I love my family. I love every single one of them. Despite personality differences, upbringings, and ideas, I love them and I will always love them, and I will basically do anything for them if they are in need. They would do the same for me, and have. I am blessed. (This definitely counts towards my new family that I have through my husband. Not only am I blessed to have such a great family on my side, but Joel has brought me into his family and extended family in such a smooth way that I can hardly think that it's normal. They are great people)

I have really great friends. Who else will cook you dinner for no reason except they know you might want something different, or to hangout and watch tv? Friends will. Like every couple throughout history, Joel and I graduated from UNT last december and neither of us had jobs. We all know what not having a job means. God used our friends in such a loving and perfectly timed way that eased the stress of not having a job. While God was making a way for us to be financially stable, he provided for us through our friends (and family) within the body of Christ. All of you who bought us dinner, hung out with us, let us watch your TV, listened to me whine. Thank you. We love you and cherish all of your friendships very much.

That's all for now.
Joel and I have been learning to be dog owners and we're getting to be somewhat OK at it :)
Jack is growing so fast that I can hardly remember how small he was when we got him just a few weeks ago.

We've been cleaning and prepping our new apartment/house space for us to move into the last few weeks and it's really starting to shine. Right now it smells heavily of Johnson's Paste wood floor wax and 409. Hopefully in a week or so it will smell a little of fresh paint and clean laundry or something nice like that :)
I'll post pictures of the new space once I can actually charge my camera and upload pictures off of it. (I know that I am a horrible camera charger-picture poster updater blogger)



Never gonna "gif" you up.

This brings tears of joy to my eyes y'all.
[via - Senor Gif ]


  1. Ikea run! I need several things for the new aparment that we don't have a need for at our current apartment. like: Extension Cords, Paper Lanterns, Space fans (ideally those vertical ones) and I need two of those.
  2. Paper towels for cleaning the apartment, i almost went through one entire roll last night.
  3. gardening gloves, because shockingly, i don't have any
  4. change all of our addresses from sycamore to oak (Denton loves it's tree-streets)
  5. buy socks (my never ending phenomena of disappearing socks strikes again)
  6. Get Jack a larger Crate
  7. Buy enough paint to paint the entire apartment (1 neutral for entire place and about 4 colors to offset)



Welp, Jack is pretty awesome.

He's pretty awesome at testing my patience too! He's a stubborn little puppy dog, but it's all fine since he's training really well and submitting pretty well (except when he's tired, so we're still learning those golden clues).

He's made quite a few friends in the last week or so. His best friend forever is Annabelle the longhaired Dachshund but he's also made friends with a mammoth-sized German Shepherd named Max, and a sweet Golden Retriever named Rio. He loves to run and run and run and carry around sticks and chew on his leash. But his most fun is when he gets to play with Annabelle.

Hi Annabelle!
They will run until the sun goes down and we call them to come back inside. Annabelle has taught Jack how to use the doggy door on our friend's back door. They will wrestle, growl, snarl, spit, fight, scrap, run, chase, yelp, and chew on toys until its time to go to bed, and all the while with their little tails wagging like crazy! There doesn't seem to be any clear dominant dog over the other as of yet. But we'll see how this trend continues as Jack keeps getting larger.

Right now, he and Annabelle are about the same size, but she is at her full adult size and Jack is still just a puppy. This will be amusing to watch. :)
I love how his ears flop in the wind!
I love how he gives me kisses when I wake him up in the morning!
He's super cute!