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Chinese For My Birthday

I didn't feel like I cared about my birthday at all this year. However, once it hit me that it was my birthday, I was kind of bummed. My husband was really ill on Wednesday and couldn't pamper me at all like he normally would have. He is, however taking me out to town tonight which is going to be fun. We're going to Brio in South Lake, Texas. We'll probably walk around the shops and stores. I get to have my birthday date tonight which I'm really excited about.

Were really trying to move into a house at the end of June. Since we live in Denton, rental houses are a dime a dozen. We have tons of old vintage houses here in Denton that I'm drooling at to get my hands on them and fix them up! All the houses around the area in Denton that we live are so cute and just need a bit of TLC.

So we're going to Kowloon Chinese Restaurant tomorrow night for our combined birthday dinner. I know all I've written about my last few posts are my birthday, but each year I get older, the more i feel validated for my opinions, beliefs, and general life choices. Stupid, but that's how i feel. I'm growing up!


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