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24 days and counting.

Counting until what you might ask me? (You might not ask, or even care about what I'm counting down, but I will tell you anyways)

That is what I'm counting down for. For me, the christmas tree gets pulled out of the attic and put up the first week of November. I have a lot of christmas decorations (my fall decor fits in nicely too!) that I feel like since I go through so much effort to get it set up every year, I might as well enjoy it for a while!

This year with having Jack, we won't be able to put all of our AWESOME ornaments we bought while on our honeymoon last year. I'm afraid he will ransack the tree at some point so I want to keep them from getting broken.

My idea is to hang a long garland over my dining table or over the TV area and hang the ornaments off of it so they will be out of puppy's reach.

*sigh* only 24 days to go until i'm not ENTIRELY crazy to start making paper snowflakes and setting up my christmas (mismas) tree :)

Joey SNow


Jen said...

You're funny :) I"m not allowed to decorate until December 1st. We'll be moving into a new house on the 11th though this year, so I'll be late.

Miss you!

Kelly Rien said...

I know I am looking forward to sharing Christmas with Willis now that he is a little bit older. He'll appreciate what's going on more.

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