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Elegance in simplicity.

I am an artist. I have a degree in painting and specifically in watercolor. I am going to paint today with someone who does not have a degree, but a love for painting. I am unsure wether or not I have this love for painting at all? Oh, I definitely care, but I don't LOVE the act of painting. I enjoy it, just as much as I enjoy crocheting or hanging out with my friends and watching a movie. I do not understand the one who finds one niche in their art that they want to do repetitively and unending. I want to do everything. I want to solder jewelry while crocheting blankets and sewing quilts and tilling my garden and cooking my dinner. I draw.

I think drawing might be *my* thing. I'm pretty sure all of my other arts are secondary to drawing, but yet, drawing is not my *only* thing. It's just what gets me through it all. It's my expression from my heart. Most of my paintings are just colored versions of my drawings, and often, i have a hard time painting them because i love them so much in their raw form of just pencil or pen on paper. There is something very elegant about simplicity.

Soon enough I'll post some pics with my new stuff in it. I'll post pictures about the foods that joel & I have been cookin' up. And I'll post about our future.

Until then, it's nap time for The Moffin. A beautiful, rainy, sunday nap.


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