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Moleskine Passions

I have been a proud molekine snob for the past 5 years or so now and any other journal can't do the justice to journal-keeping like Molekine journals do. They lay flat when you open them, they come with a pocket in the back, and most importantly, they are acid free. I deviated from the classic portrait moleskine with blank pages (no lines) to a landscape (short side bound) moleskine journal with blank pages. I hated it. Now, of course I did because I don't like change once I get into a routine.

I am about halfway through my 7th journal and upon buying my 8th, I really want to buy one of these.

The New Moleksine Passions Journals : The Recipe Journal.

It looks too good to pass up!
I did kettle bells last night. On a weekend evening, I worked out.
Joel says that next week I'll be starting circuit training. Horray for pushups while my heart is jumping out of my chest.

Also, I'm making chicken, vegetable and rice soup tonight!
It's supposed to snow tomorrow! So I figured something a little more wintery with a hope of spring added would be good for dinner.

Lately I've been working on my friend's wedding invitations for their ceremony! I'm really excited for them.
Here's what I've gotten done so far. I'll take a photo of the finished product whem I'm done with them.



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