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  • Clean apartment
  • Make tortillas or buy some good ones at Taco Cabana
  • If making tortillas, use new press
  • Vaccum / air out living room rug
  • Shake out bathroom and kitchen rugs
  • Heat up taco stuff in skillet
  • Buy laundry detergent. 2x loads of laundry.


Anna Tamar said...

I love making homemade tortillas, I feel all awesome, saving money and fresh tortillas are just so much more delightful. However, I am still perfecting my recipes. I am trying to avoid my old recipe because it calls for a cup of shortening and that is so much! But the tortillas are so good. Do you have a good recipe?

johanna said...

@Anna, I honestly haven't tried any tortilla recipes. In the past, I've just bought the "just add water" bags of tortilla mix from the baking aisle.

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