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1.Permanently delete my facebook account.
++This will be happening on March 23rd. I have set the date. I'm actually emotionally already prepared to do this, I'm just waiting on a couple of my facebook events that I'm hostessing to finish up (Erin's Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette & My church-wide yard sale.) That's a random mix for ya.

2.Cook & Eat healthier foods.
++I plan to take existing recipes that I love, and attempt to make them better for me.  

3.Start one crochet project.

4.Finish Vicki's Painting :)


-Bell peppers
-sandwhich bread
-1 package of mascarpone cheese
-frozen strawberries
-vanilla cake mix
-maraschino cherries
-2 limes
-stuff for breakfasts at work.



Anonymous said...

Number 4 needs to be before number 3. JP.

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