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Lately, I have been contemplating my love to make art.
I've been thinking that when it comes time to put it all onto paper or sewing or just thoughts; my inundation with media, social networking, & overloading myself on useless information, I find myself lost, and scrambled.
I am too connected.
So my plan is to start by deleting permanently the online accounts that just bring in the most time wasting materials i.e. Bejeweled Blitz.

Yesterday, I uninstalled Swag Bucks from my toolbar, and unsubscribed from their twitter and facebook feeds. After I finish this post I will be taking the swidget off of my blog. I'm not saying that Swag Bucks is bad in any way, or isn't worth someone else's time. But when I'm obsessing over finding a code to get 5 swagbucks 3 times a day instead of drawing, or painting, or crafting and actually getting better at my art. I am wasting valuable time from my life.
---So what did I do with my newly regained Swagbucks time? I went to Michael's and bought the supplies for my friend's wedding invitations and completely finished all of them. I wrapped each bundle of cards with linen paper belts and then tied each 'belt' with a lime green string satin ribbon. I finished a project!

Websites that I need to ween off of.
4. It's pretty good I guess that I can't think of anything else at the moment.


This morning I was thinking about what I used to hate when I was a kid, but I love now, or vice versa.

Hated as a kid but love now:
1. Grapefruit Juice. Oh boy do I love it now.
2. Gardening; pulling weeds, etc.
3. Waking up early/going to bed early.
4. Pickled anything. YUMMMM

Loved as a kid but hate now:1. Spinning things. *Barf*
2. Running til I was in stitches. - I love my couch.
3. Candy of all kinds - I'm pretty much a Peach Rings / Jolly Rancher / Chocolate girl now.
4. Getting wet. I hate being out in the rain, with my hair dripping into my face. Uhg. I'm not that much into swimming anymore either as I am into being next to or near water.

C'est La Vie!


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