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I'm turning 23 in 6 days. 23.Twenty Three. And in 11 days, my Joel is turning 31. Wow! That means we've been dating/married for over 5.5 years now! Crazy! Time flies when you're in love I guess. I know that some people are put off by our age difference, but others have just found it to be just as normal as any other marriage or relationship. I guess I never thought much about it earlier on because my parents are 9 years apart and they've only got a couple more to have been married for 30 years. Talk about awesome! I can't wait to be able to say that I've been with my husband Joel for 30 years. Such an honor!

Besides that. I'm turning 23 y'all! I have a fulltime real job. With benefits. And insurance. And taxes. And, waking up at 6am-ness. A whole new world for me.

So I've decided that birthdays are still okay as an adult and with that, I'm going to publish my extremely practical and frivolous birthday wish list. Here goes...

1. T.J. Maxx Gift Cards.
    a. This is so I can have monies to go toward the buying of All-Clad cookware. If one could lust after stainless steal pots and pans, then it would be over All-Clad. oh yeah.
2. These Shoes .

3. A new haircut.
4. My Own Kettle Bell
5. A food processor
6. A kitchenaid mixer
7. An oster blender
8. An artisan dessert made by my husband.
(I haven't started telling you guys about how he is so great at making desserts!)
9. Dinner at Kow-Loon
10. And also these shoes.


Erin said...

Will there be a party? I think there needs to be a party!

johanna said...

@Erin, I don't think I'll have a party this year. I don't feel like planning one. But maybe next year :)

JillybeansMommy said...

My cousin Corey totally got those creepy toe shoes for his bday this month!

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