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What I want to wear on Saturday.

Items in this set:
Isabel Marant Etoile One Shoulder Silk Dress - Women - Diverse
Signature tailored trouser, 110 GBP
Knotted leather sandals, $795
Loss sterling silver clutch, $1,925
Swarovski crystal rose ring, $495

I know that those prices are completely ridiculous, but look how pretty the items are! I wish I could sew well. I want sewing to be another extension of my body like painting and drawing is. (And to a degree, crocheting is too). But I would totally make that pink silk tunic/dress in a hearbeat. And I would make all of my pants actually fit me.

OK OK, i know that there are things called "Tailors" but...again, lack of money restricts visits to those :) Maybe soon :)

This is what I want to wear on Saturday at our birthday dinner at Kowloon :)


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