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Wow, life has been very busy lately! I finished Vicki's painting (and forgot to take a photo of the painting, so I won't be able to post it, sorry sorry). I am still working on my friend Hope's baby blanket, but I'm on the cusp of getting to start finishing it (binding the squares together, etc, giving it a decorative frame...ya know crochet hubbub).

I've also been quite busy finishing up stationary for my friends Erin & Brian for their wedding!!
I've did their Ceremony Invites, Ceremony Programs, and then finally I've done the Reception Cards which are little contact/info cards for the new couple to give their guests their new address!
Here are some pictures of the contact cards, because I am quite proud of them :)
178 of them!

That frilly edge, my sweet friend Heather let me borrow her craft scissors for me to HAND CUT each of these. Let me tell you all how much these scissors AREN'T ergonomic. It's starts to hurt after about 50 cuts.

Please excuse the poor photo quality on this one, I just wanted to give ya an idea of the inside design.

This is a gratuitous picture. I need to make a lightbox if I'm gonna start taking pictures of this stuff more often!

Alright, this is all for now. I'll have a ton more photos to post tomorrow if I get a chance. We spent the fourth with my family at Lake Whitney and had ton's of fun camping out there for a few days!



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