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Jack Update & July 4th

Joel and I got to spend July 4th weekend with my sister and our Uncle's family! It was tons of fun when we got stuck out on the boat during a rain storm (no lightning) and when we realized that wearing our life jackets upside down was a lot easier to float in rather than wearing them properly. Jack learned how to swim and how to sleep without a cover on his crate. We brought Joel's single-man tent for Jack to stay in and it worked out quite pleasantly. We were worried that he might start baying in the middle of the night and wake up the entire camp site but he didn't! Jack has also leveled up to riding in the car in the Moffin's lap.
Without further ado, here is our July 4th weekend:
Joel holding a shivering Jack-a-mo on his lap while sitting in the boat.

Anyone know what kind of plant this is? I thought it was interesting looking.

A very seemingly happy Jack. My Cousin Julie was holding him since he was tired of walking.

A very sunburnt Moffin and my husband Joel. <3

My goofy little sister modeling her life jacket.

One of my uncle's dogs Rocky the corgi. He's really cute when he swims. His legs are short.

After about 5 attempts, my sister got up on the wakeboard the last day we were there. Go Chiles!

My cousin Neal demonstrating how to wakeboard. Makes it look easy.

My mother sitting on the boat in this charming alcove we found to anchor the boat.

My mom and her older brother, my uncle Phillip. :)

That's all the pics for now. :)


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We had such fun!

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