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New Business Venture

So a couple of weeks ago, a sweet friend of mine asked me to cook dinner for her and her busy family two nights a week. So I started cooking tonight, and it got me to thinking that I can't wait until I've cooked enough things to be able to start writing my own recipes! Granted, I've already made a few recipes that are pretty darn good, but they aren't "OMG MAKE ALL THE TIME PLZ" type recipes.

I bet Joel would disagree, but you know what? He'll eat anything I make.
I've made up my own recipes for

Cheesy Stuffed Chicken over pink sauced pasta (i need a good name for this)
Cabbage Stew with Italian Sausage (very good, very chunky)
Ceasar Chicken with Pasta & Greens

Too many C's I guess...

However, tonight, i'm cooking (as always) out of my tried and true cookbook
The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. *spirit fingers*
It will change people's opinion on your cooking overnight. You go instantly from mediocre (or bad) to, "OMG UR LIEK DA BEST COOK EVAR!11!1!!!1 "

So, for my friend Vicki this week, I am cooking her the Lemon & Herb Poached Salmon with Rice and Veggies for one evening this week for her to reheat as well as the Lemon & Garlic & Herb Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes. I might be joining them for dinner this week. My apartment smells heavenly at the moment while the chicken is roasting.

Not to mention but last is not least, because, Joel volunteered to make his awesome Key Lime Pie for dessert for them too. Another ATK recipe, but he's ramped it up even further than they took it. It. Is. the Best. Ever.

So, not only is cooking now one of my favorite pasttimes, i'm also getting paid for it, and i'm helping a friend.

Time to baste!


Anna Tamar said...

Why do I not have this book? Have you looked into the Flavor Bible, yet? Get it, get it now.

johanna said...

@Anna, I haven't looked into the Flavor Bible yet. I also haven't been back to the library yet. First I need to return the crafts books i got, and then go to the food section to peruse for a while. I will get it from the library (if they've got it) and check it out for a while before I buy it. But yeah, definitely get the ATK cookbook with the big skillet on the cover. I haven't gotten their baking book, but they have a published book thats the same size and shape etc devoted just to baking. Joel and I also love the cooking for two cookbook that they publish each year. We have the latest one (2009) and have made several things out of it and have nothing but a million thumbs up for all the recipes.

Erin said...

Your blog is fun! It makes me wanna blog again. Kinda.

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